Muna is a memory sharing application used to collect interactions between people. Users are able to collaborate and share moments with friends and family.

skills used

Concept development, market and user research, personas, journey maps, user flows, user testing, wireframing, visual design and prototype.


Tools Used: Sketch, Illustrator, Flinto, Marvel
Timeline: 7 weeks


Team: 1
Timeline: 7 weeks
Advisor: Bridget Sheerin


A mobile app that provides a platform for individuals to store, organize, collaborate and share memories using either image, video, audio or text.


Problem Area

Users need a better way to store, share and collaborate on photos, videos and notes with family and friends without taking up too much space on their device.


The initial idea was pitched to about 12 people who helped to brainstormed if it’s something that has value or if there are other applications already filling the space. The information gained from this session helped to formulate the questions used in my interviewing sessions.

concept development
concept development session with peers

user research

To validate this concept, I carried out user interviews to learn what individual are currently using to fill the gap and learn what pains they were getting from them as well.



To store moments with his close family members especially the older ones.



A ways to gather and organize all of her family photos into one place.



A way to store his photos and videos while preserving the quality.

user journey

Using Carl I mapped his touch points and noted his pain-points over the course of one interaction had with a family member. This helped to get a better understanding of what users were doing over the course of time to reach their goal.

Mapping out the user's journey and touch points


Keeping the user as the focal point of the research, after synthesizing the information collected through interviews theses personas were formed.

User Persona 1
User Persona 2
User Persona 2

identifying Competitors

I identified possible competitors in the space based on information gathered from user interviews and desk research. I examined what features other products offered and what appeared to make their product successful.  I did a feature analysis, benchmarking and a 2×2 competitive landscape to learn how I can make my application be able to compete with them.


2x2 Competitive Landscape

deeper analysis

Feature Analysis
Feature Analysis


I created paper prototypes to help determine what features would be included. I tested this with users I thought fit the target group and made note of their suggestions on what links they thought were necessary or to help them to navigate the app better.

Paper Prototype and co-creation

Paper prototyping helped to shape the layout for the application by having users engage in co-creation of the way screens could look. This was the basis for my decisions when creating low-fidelity digital wireframes. I also factored in any additional screens based on the feedback and learning and designed from there.

Hi-Fidelity Mockups

I later took the wireframes to the next stage by adding visual elements such as color, typography and patterns.

solution highlights

Invite to Collaborate

Invite to Collaborate

Based on user my user interviews carried out one feature that individuals wished they had was the option to collaborate. Actively having another person contribute to a memory would be beneficial to them.

Dashboard Add Media
Dashboard Add Media

Dashboard Add Media

Another key feature of the app is the ability to capture different media sources through the app or have the option to import it from your device which will be stored in the cloud.

Photo Memories

Photo Memories

Photo memories and other media sections of the app allows grouping by events or person. Therefore if you set a specific person it can group all memories related to them.


This project was and still is inspired by my grandma. It’s still a brain child, I’d love to see come to fruition some day. Recruiting friends, family and strangers became easy because of the subject that it touches on. Everyone has some person on thing close to them. And they want to cherish those memories.